Norfolk Blinds Pty Ltd was established in 2003 as a custom manufacturer of quality blinds.

The company has progressed and established itself as a nationally recognised supplierof blinds and curtains for commercial projects, successfully completing some of thelarger Australian window covering contracts. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne andCamdale, Norfolk Blinds is able to provide a high level of service to all areas of the
country and has site teams in all states.Being an agile manufacturer enables Norfolk Blinds to deliver sun control productsquickly and with a high level of quality to meet any schedule.

All products wherepossible use Australian manufactured mechanisms and fabric.Norfolk Blinds have embraced modern times with the installation ofup-to-the-minute computerised manufacturing equipment, high tech fabric ranges,automated systems and full LEAN aligned manufacturing facilities. Norfolk Blinds suppliespremium quality blinds, to your specification and to your schedule.

As a further sign of our strength in the Australian market, Norfolk Blinds has entered into asupply agreement with Mermet, Turnils and Acmeda. This partnership will ensure ourcustomers are assured of product backing from the strongest players in the windowfurnishing market, as well as receiving the latest products and standards.

GBCA Member

Global Sustainability at Norfolk Blinds

As an industry leader in sustainability, we promote the use of architectural,
green credentialed products,supporting global environmental wellbeing.