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White Papers

White Papers


Blinds and curtains have an important role to play in terms of thermal performance, environmental outcomes and, ultimately, the efficiency of a building over its lifetime. Choosing the right solution requires an in-depth knowledge of user requirements, the regulatory landscape and how the available products stack up in terms of cost, functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.

Our whitepapers provide useful guides for designers and specifiers to specifying shading systems and blinds – from product standards, suitability for purpose, fabric selection, energy efficiency, and more – with a focus on balancing performance requirements with increasing demands for sustainability. We outline the key considerations, including mandatory product standards, how different products meet different user requirements, and environmental impact and energy efficiency considerations.

Norfolk Blinds are Australia’s specialist manufacturer of commercial and multi-residential blinds and curtains. With a proven track record of over 1500 commercial projects completed successfully within the last four years, all delivered in full and on time, the Norfolk Blinds team will manufacture and install your blinds and curtains to your specifications and schedule.

Navigating The Path Towards Sustainability
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