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External Straight Drop Awnings

A traditional awning style that uses no guides making it ideal for sun/UV protection, air flow & where channels are not suitable.

This is the entry level product for the Axis Awning Series.


  • Bottom rail end caps with a flush finish.
  • Hook and clips can be used when the awning is fully lowered, to hold the fabric taut and minimise bottom rail movement.
  • An extension plate can be used to assist with ceiling and reveal fit installation.
  • Extruded aluminium headbox and base bar utilising AA 6060 aluminium with a 30% recycled content.

Our offering includes a premium range of fabrics and designs. We are also specialists in motorisation and can assist you from concept stage, right through to installation support.

Norfolk Blinds offers a range of sizing and specifications for your needs, please contact us for further enquiry.

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